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Eric K. Andersen

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Eric Karl Andersen has been painting and sculpting since the age of twelve. His work has been shown in galleries around New England and in various newspapers and magazines from The Boston Globe to Architectural Digest. Majoring in sculpture and painting, Eric graduated from the School of The Museum of Fine Arts where he taught sculpture during his fifth year of graduate study. He was a finalist in the Massachusetts' Art Foundation's Fellowship Program.

Eric grew up on Massachussetts' South Shore. At age 12 his was delivering papers, by age 15 - still delivering papers - he was digging clams commercially while surfing, sketching and painting in his off-hours. Later, during art school summers, he worked construction and painted houses. After school he jumped on commercial fishing boats out of Scituate, New Bedford, Woods Hole and Plymouth - generating many tales of adventure, including risk to life & limb! He documented these experiences through sketching and painting. As time progressed, Eric founded a commercial art studio as an illustrator, moving into decorative painting which included muraling in homes, churches and hotels; as well as, commissioned works on various subjects and portraiture for exhibitions and reviews.

Still surfing these days - and teaching yoga, painting has become Eric's main focus as his life goes on.

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