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Amy Kelly

"In 2015 I asked Captain Bo Kinsman if I could go to work on his lobster boat "Bittersweet", harbored in Perkins Cove. his Sternman, Rich, was thrilled as his year venture was coming to a close and a replacement sternperson was necessary. Rich began to train me as if I were "that person". Indeed the story of peace, healing and an experience in nature beyond my wildest dreams began

Captain Bo, over time, enjoyed my photo taking.

As a young girl, my family vacationed at the Jersey Shore. I had an innate and insatiable yearning for the look, taste and fell of fish of all kinds. In high school I worked I worked at the Eerie Clam House in East Rutherford cooking fish and shucking clams; and i have a memory of a vast amout of haddock in the Cafeteria at Springfield College."

Fish is in my blood.

I collected thousands of photographs while on the Atlantic with Captain Bo. Through many iterations, feedback, farmer's markets, Artisan gatherings and Social Media my photographs of lobster tails - abstracted through Adobe Photoshop- have gained and audience with a purpose.

The lobster is an amazing creature to photograph. It seems they have hundreds of moving parts! Each one is unique in color, behavior, size and shape. When working with just one photograph I see many possibilities for art. As i begin to develop and work on a piece, it propels me into a deep meditation and ultimately, intimately, filling my soul with joy"

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